In the picture

Photos for imagination, expression and development


In the picture is a tested photo set for coaches, therapists, trainers and teachers who want to take a fresh look at various topics.

Photos mirror the inner world of experience, appeal to the imagination and are visual aids for young and old. They offer perspective and help in finding answers. That is why photos are ideally suited for use in training, coaching, meditation, therapy, lessons or for your personal development.

What do you get

A photo set from Moolelo consists of 30 specially selected photos in A5 format. All photos are permanently plasticized on both sides, so that you can describe and reuse them with an erasable marker. The photo sets are supplied in a handy box. You will also receive 2 photo exercises, so you can get started right away. An exercise for working with individuals and one for working with groups.

Widely applicable

Themes for which you can use the photo set: Personal and professional development trajectories – Team development – Mobilize inner strength and self-empowerment – Talent development – As a focal point for meditation – Career development – Meaningfulness questions – Develop more relaxation and tranquility – Improve communication – Mindfulness – Mourning and loss – Team building – Relationship therapy – Family constellations – Inspiration and brainstorming -…

Costs and ordering

The “In the Picture” photo set costs 75 euro’s (including VAT), excluding shipping costs. You can order the photoset using the form on the right.
If you want to order multiple copies, please contact us for discount possibilities.


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