Tree labyrint


The Tree Labyrinth in its unique form combines the meditative effect of the labyrinth with trees as a source of inspiration. It helps you to be more relaxed and conscious in life and adds to your vitality. The Tree Labyrinth can also be used als a powerful tool in your work as a coach, therapist, trainer or teacher. Discover the possibilities of the Tree Labyrinth.


Online course: Your true nature

If you live your life according to your true nature, you are relaxed, vital and you experience your life as meaningful. Because of our hectic lifes we ​​can sometimes lose ourselves in the bustle of our existence. With this online course you will start living according to your true nature again. By going your way in the Tree Labyrinth and doing creative exercises you will come step by step back to the core of your existence.

Creative meditation with the tree labyrint helps you to relax, be more vital and find meaning in your life

During this online course you will receive inspiration and exercises ones a week by email. You can follow this course at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. Additionally you have the opportunity to arrange one coaching session with Wendy Smit via Skype, to deepen your experience and find new insights.

The next online course starts 3 February 2020

Online course, 6 weeks, including one coaching session by Skype

Wendy Smit

250 Euro (excl. VAT)

Opening soon. If you would like te be informed when it opens, please contact Wendy Smit